Xochimilco, which in náhuatl means ” Field of Flowers “, differs for a series of rain channels that exist from the pre-Hispanic epoch, when the Valley of Mexico was shaped by lakes and lagoons almost in its entirety.

Nowadays, great part of Xochimilco’s nature is kept, united to cultural elements of his pre-Hispanic origins, the art and the colonial culture, the marimba, mariachis, maize, holiday and trajineras, as well as the production of vegetables, plants of ornament and flowers of diverse species in the chinampas located along the whole place. Xochimilco is a holder of an ancient history, a holiday of colors and a range of traditions.

Colouring, flowery and very adorned trajineras are one of the distinctive features of this popular and important place of the Mexican culture, where still it is cultivated in chinampas, the peasants move sailing across the channels and his holidays and celebrations are kept alive.

Xochimilco is a place to delight the palate with an endless number of flavors and colors; it is to dance with the sound of the mariachi; it is to be surprised with his legends and to be astonished by his incomparable natural beauty.

For his rich history, colonial art, holidays, traditions and natural environment, Xochimilco is nowadays one of the most attractive and interesting sites of the Mexico City that every visitor, native and foreigner, has the longing of visiting.

¿How to get there?


It is the first thing that you must do when coming to Xochimilco and surely the principal reason of those who visit it: to give a trip in trajinera across the lake. There are 9 piers in order that you could sail and enjoy the local beauty that will leave you with open mouth.

Visit San Bernardino’s Convent

Its incredible construction of the sixteenth century is something you have to know, simple but impressive. The San Bernardino Convent is famous for its large atrium. Inside you can find images of different eras and enjoy the beauty of its interior decoration.

Visit the island of dolls

The island of the dolls can be fun, while the Xochimilco canals can be seen in this place full of mystery and with many used dolls, hanging and dismembered among the trees. The owner of this Chinampa died in 2001, his name was Julian Santa Ana, who was a lonely person; Don Julian collected the dolls from the trash with the things he decorated on his “island”.

Flower and plants market

The place where you find flowers of all colors, types and smells, the xochimilcas sell here the most beautiful and exotic flowers that you can imagine, whether you go in search of flowers or not, you need to know this market, you will love it.

Dolores Olmedo Museum

The museum exhibits Dolores Olmedo’s collection of pre-Hispanic pieces, viceregal furniture and popular art, as well as dozens of paintings by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, and illustrations by Angelina Beloff. Definitely, her art collection is a must-see. Its gardens are inhabited by beautiful peacocks and the famous xoloescuintle.

In Xochimilco there is a wide variety of gastronomic delights that you have to try during your visit, in the lake area they continue to produce vegetables on the banks of the canals with which they prepare various dishes.

The best food you can find in the markets and of course in the trajinera walks, is where you can try mushroom and pumpkin flower quesadillas, bean tlacoyos and sopes seasoned with delicious sauces. If you are one of those who like to try different things you have to visit the 377 market and get to know the chileatole, freshly milked milk flans and sweet corn cobs, in addition to the market you will find a variety of dishes such as fish roe tamal, roasted charro and trout wallpaper, traditional in the place for being recipes inherited from generation to generation with a unique flavor.

You can not leave Xochimilco without having tasted the most representative food of the place, the tlapique, is made with fish, tomato, onion, nopales and epazote, it is a tamale that is prepared at low heat, the secret of its flavor is in the corn leaf with which it is prepared.

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