Tips for tourist traveling to CDMX

  1.  The climate in the city changes throughout the day. Cool in the morning (60 degrees) sunny and hot in the mid and late afternoon (75-85 degrees) and cools down in the early and late evenings (65 degrees).
  2. Be prepared for the rainy season from May to September (may vary a little before and after.) it rains mainly in the afternoons then stops. Rain boots, raincoat and umbrella recommended.
  3. Take radio taxis instead of Uber. The cars and the drivers are all registered and easy to locate.
  4. If you have sensitive skin where sunblock on face and body.
  5. Carry small bills and coins and get familiar with them.
  6. Don’t buy silver unless it’s from a certified business.  If it’s inexpensive you can be sure it’s not silver or it’s used.
  7. Take tours from legitimate agencies
  8. Take tours!! Mexico is rich in culture and many beautiful and interesting places to visit.  Take advantage and learn as much as you can. You won’t, regret it.
  9. Public restrooms can be hard to find but when you do they charge
  10. Buy bottled water.
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