In the state of Morelos, 17 km from the city of Cuernavaca we can find the wonderful Magical Town of Tepoztlán, its name comes from the Nahuatl language and means “copper ax”. It is known to be the birthplace of the god of the pre-Hispanic pantheon, Quetzalcoatl. Its steep streets still have the original trace of the times of the colony with its characteristic cobblestone.

One of the charms of Tepoztlán is the Cerro del Tepozteco, where archaeological vestiges of the shrine dedicated to the Mexican warrior gods can be found. In that place the warrior deities of Mexico were worshiped, as evidenced by the banquettes decorated with warriors with arrows and shields.

Tepoztlán stands out for the elaboration of the role of amate that dates back to pre-Hispanic times. The town has a particular atmosphere in which architectural wealth and legends cause visitors to travel to another time. Its past beats in the gastronomy of place where you can find several restaurants in which there is a variety of pre-Hispanic dishes. Another of its riches is the El Tepozteco National Park, a National Protected Area that stands out for its fauna and flora.

¿How to get there?

Things not to miss:

• The Tepoztlán market
• Route of the convents
• Cerro del Tepozteco
• Nativity Museum
• El Tepozteco National Park
• Cross of Axitla
• Carlos Pellicer Museum

• Posada del Tepozteco
• Ceiba
• The shadow of Sabino
• The Marionas
• The parrots
• The Tlecuil
• Carrera Tacos
• The handle
• The Good Pulque of Tepoztlán

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